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We fully respect your privacy and we make no attempt to store personal or even aggregate data to track visitors or site usage. However, the smooth delivery of content from this website relies on the use of standard web features, including javascript and cookies.


Cookies - small chunks of data stored by your web browser - vastly improve the visitor experience, assisting with navigation and the smooth delivery of content. To find out more about cookies, and how to disable them, please see

None of the cookies used on our websites collect personally identifiable information about you.

The site uses one main cookie,, which uses fields such as:

  • "CMSSESSID" + [random-number]. This contains a unique session id to keep track of the current session and assist navigation.
  • "cookieConsent". This holds the value 'true' to indicate that the Cookie consent notification has been displayed. It's set when you click on the 'Save & Continue' button consenting to the use of cookies and its presence means that we can suppress the notification. It is set to expire after one year but your browser settings will dictate how long it actually lasts.

Other cookies may occur with embedded links to external resources. At present, there is only one – Vimeo embedded videos which appear on various Production or Event pages. In future, we may embed other content such as Youtube video, at which point, this page will be updated. If you have any concerns please contact us at and our web administrator will be pleased to explain further.


We endeavour to keep the site secure by following best practice and keeping the Content Management System software up-to-date with maintenance releases and all security fixes. The same applies to the hosting platform.

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