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Stage shot for ISC 2000 - 2023 production, Ibsen Workshops

Ibsen Workshops

2000 - 2023

"One of the best workshops I’ve been to and I’m quite the Ibsen-phile now. I can’t wait to try the techniques out on a whole play."

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Stage shot for ISC 2006 - 2023 production, Ibsen Seminars

Ibsen Seminars

2006 - 2023

Ibsen Stage Company - the host of five seminars featuring leading European Ibsen scholars, theatre directors, producers and critics.

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Stage shot for ISC Oct 2006 production, International Ibsen Conference, Rome

International Ibsen Conference, Rome

Oct 2006

Ibsen Stage Company's artistic director Terje J Tveit is invited to speak at the international Ibsen Conference in Rome.

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Stage shot for ISC 2015 - 2019 production, Ibsen's Sense of Yearning

Ibsen's Sense of Yearning

2015 - 2019

An Ibsen study by Terje J Tveit that adopts a psychoanalytic approach in which Hegel's ideas are read through the French psychoanalyst Jacques Lacan's (1901 – 1981) philosophy.

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