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Recording Hedda, Sep 2013Peer Gynt Recharged, Mar 2012Hedda Gabler, Feb 2010Recharged Reading, Oct 2009Peer Gynt, Jan 2008Speakeasy Sessions, Jan 2008Peer Gynt, Jan 2007Little Eyolf, Mar 2006Peer Gynt, Sep 2005Peer at the Royal Academy, Oct 2005A Doll’s House, Aug 2004A Doll’s House, Feb 2004Rosmersholm, Nov 2003Little Eyolf, Mar 2003A Doll’s House, Apr 2002Pillars of Society, Oct 2002A Doll’s House, Feb 2001Bronek's Orchestra, AUTUMN/SPRING 2025 - 2026Don Felipe's Bride, OCT 2024Dido & Aeneas, Nov 2023Face with watery eyes peerring through a dark slitThe Happy Prince, Dec 2021A Promemoria, Sep 2021Notes for a Requiem, Jun 2011The Nightingale Mystery, Nov 2008Epistle 540: Holberg's Opera, Sep 2017Holberg Swingling, Sep 2017Mozart's Travelling Bag, Jun 2011Bastien & Bastienne, Jun 2011La Serva Padrona, Jun 2010Strindberg Season: Axel & Bertha, Mar 2003Strindberg Season: The Stronger, Mar 2003Strindberg Season: Miss Julie, Mar 2003Ibsen Workshops, 2000 - 2023Ibsen Seminars, 2006 - 2023International Ibsen Conference, Rome, Oct 2006Ibsen's Sense of Yearning, 2015 - 2019

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