August Strindberg


August Strindberg


Based on The Comrades by August Strindberg
A new version by Terje Tveit

Translated, Designed and Directed by Terje Tveit
Lighting Design: Finnuala McNulty
Production Assistant: David Patterson
Production Assistant: Sanna Stellan

Rosemary Branch Theatre, London

25 March – 12 April 2003

Miss Julie & The Stronger

A double bill presenting Strindberg’s beautifully observed meeting between two women and their fight over the same man combined with the ever popular tale of the struggle between a servant and his mistress during one fatal midsummer night.

Axel & Bertha

Two paintings, three bottles of port and a trashy novel sets the scene for a bitter-sweet comedy about marital and sexual relations between a set of decadent bohemians living in Paris. Driven by their personal ambitions and professional rivalry, Axel and Bertha strip themselves of all pretences, and face the true nature of their relationships.


Marc Bolton
Anouka Brook
Andy Crabb
Tiffany Dunlop
Paul Engers
Valborg Frøysnes
Stephanie Jory
Sanna Stellan
Cleo Sylvestre
Xavier Williams


“As a prelude to Miss Julie, director Terje Tveit has produced the very short but interesting The Stronger. A chance meeting between two acquaintances on Christmas Eve provokes pride, guilt, betrayal and resolution, wholly encompassed in a soliloquy. Tiffany Dunlop as Madame sweeps upon her adversary Amelia, played with silent assurance by Anouka Brook in a tirade of forced bonhomie. Suspicions are aroused, accusations thrown and matters never fully resolved, leaving the audience to question who is the stronger. Brook’s silent performance speaks as eloquently as Dunlop’s and both actresses complement each other perfectly in a scene, which requires a great deal and generosity from each to work well.

The second part of the evening is an equal delight with Strindberg’s classic tale of love between the classes. Miss Julie is probably one of the most frequently performed dramas in the world and this production is a worthy addition. Valborg Froysnes as Julie skilfully manipulates her prey, teasing the valet Jean with her childlike guile. At turns spoilt, stubborn, carefree and angelic, Froysnes also manages to manipulate the audience, leaving us to deal with the debris of raw emotion laid before upon the stage. Marc Bolton perfectly cast as the noble but heartless lover, Jean, in a role that demands as many twists, turns and deceits as the heroine, while Sanna Stellan excels as the pragmatic Kristin. The tenacity of the performances combined with simple staging and concise direction make for a superb if somewhat exhausting evening of passionate drama.”

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