Peer at the Royal Academy

By Henrik Ibsen

Devised and Directed by Terje J Tveit

Dance Choreography: Federica Zurleni

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Produced with the generous support of

Royal Academy of Arts

October 2005

The courtyard of the Royal Acadady of Arts displaying its promotion for the exhibition Munch by Himself.

Munch by Himself, Royal Academy of Arts

Åse and Peer Gynt are in profile. They are arguing. Åse's animated hand is suggesting that she is scolding Peer Gynt, whose facial expression is obstinate and unbending.

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Peer at the Royal Academy, Royal Academy of Arts

Peer Gynt is carrying his mother, Åse, over his shoulder.

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Peer at the Royal Academy, Royal Academy of Arts

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Peer outside the Church, Edvard Munch, 1930


Shane ArmstrongButton-Moulder
Simon BalconBegriffenfeldt
James BentleyEnsemble
Gerard CanningDovregubben
Libby CurlyEnsemble
Stephen DoranEnsemble
Paul EngersEnsemble
Kristofer GummerusPeer Gynt
Katie HayesEnsemble
Adrienne KressSolvejg
Lucy LillHelga
Maddy MylesÅse
Viola NewburyEnsemble
Simone SaundersAnitra

Peer Gynt and Munch by Himself

In July 2005 the Royal Academy of Arts contacts Ibsen Stage Company with an aim to devise a site-specific performance based on the company’s forthcoming production of Peer Gynt as part of a joint promotion with the Edvard Munch by Himself exhibition at the gallery.

Ibsen Stage Company is delighted to work with the Royal Academy of Arts. Together with Livia Ratcliffe and Kathryn Havelock from the Academy’s marketing department, they discuss and decide how to facilitate a site-specific event with maximum effect. In the end the production is performed on various levels of the Norman Shaw staircase in the gallery.

In an interview with Livia Ratcliffe elaborated:

«Kathryn and I were keen to explore the link between Munch and Ibsen for our rolling programme of late night Friday events and having met Dale Teater Kompani [Ibsen Stage Company] we understood that they were an authentic, grass roots company with a great reputation for staging their own adaptations of Ibsen. We thought it could be an interesting collaboration, which it proved to be. The performances were extremely well received by the public - we had some excellent feedback.»

Ibsen Stage Company’s artistic director, Terje J Tveit, added:

«It was a challenge and a privilege to adapt the staging for this beautiful space. Livia suggested the idea at one of our early meetings and thanks to her and Kathryn’s enthusiasm for the project, it proved to be a great success.»

Solvejg and her sister, Helga are together. Helga is looking at Solvejg whose facial expression is suggesting a mix of contemplation and dreaming.

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Peer at the Royal Academy, Royal Academy of Arts