Recharged Reading

A rehearsed reading of a new version of Peer Gynt by Henrik Ibsen

Translated, Adapted and Directed by Terje J Tveit

Dance Choreography: Federica Zurleni

Technical Assistant: Scarlett Plouviez Comnas

Technical Assistant: Paul Engers

Images courtsey by Ali Yalgin

Produced with the generous support of

Rosemary Branch Theatre

23 October, 2009

A music stand with a manuscript and set of headphones.

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Annamaria AdamsKabaret Button-Moulder, Various
Roberto CavazosPeer Gynt, Various
Albert ClackDaddy Dovre, Various
Bethan ClarkClub Girl, Various
Ed Cooper ClarkeGangster, Various
David CullinaneGangster, Various
Fiona DrummondClub Girl, Various
Paul HamptonGangster, Various
Ewa JaworskiClub Girl, Various
Filip KrenusGangster, Various
Jenni Lea-JonesMadam Begriffenfeldt, Club Girl, Various
Abigail LongstaffeGreen-Eye, Various
Catherine Nix-CollinsClub Girl, Various
Judith ParisÅse, various
Dimitri ShawGangster, Various
Ceridwen SmithSolvejg, Varous

A new version of Peer Gynt

In 2009 Ibsen Stage Company presents a rehearsed reading of its brand new version of Henrik Ibsen’s classic Peer Gynt - in verse. This is part of the company's preparations for its forthcoming production of Peer Gynt Recharged at the Riverside Studios three years later.

Set in the 1920’s American underworld, Ibsen Stage Company re-tells the story of Peer Gynt in a world of gangsters, jazz clubs, forgery, murder, seduction and beautiful women. The new version has now become a thought-provoking fable that departs from the company's previous productions of Ibsen's play.

The reading is introduced by the Minister Councillor for Press, Information & Culture, Stein Iversen, from the Royal Norwegian Embassy, UK.

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