Bastien & Bastienne

By W A Mozart

Orig. Bastian & Bastienne

Written, Directed and Designed by Terje J Tveit

Musical Director: Simon Over

Producer: Malcolm Bruno

Produced by Vestfold International Festival

In Association with Ibsen Stage Company

Produced with the generous support of

Herregården i Larvik

Larvik, Norway

28 June, 2011

Jarlsberg Hovedgård

Tønsberg, Norway

29 June, 2011

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“Regissør Terje Tveit som har bearbeidet stykket, og skrevet et nytt manus. Han har også flyttet handlingens omgivelser til et bibliotek, latt seg inspirere av H.C. Andersens eventyrverden og satt inn en forteller i musikkverket med norske replikker.”

Mozart's Opera Set in a Library

Bastienne is the unmarried librarian who has fallen in love with the flirtatious Ph.d. student Bastien. Bastien has tempted her with sticky caramels and led her astray before disappearing into nowhere. The library is in total disarray until one of the playful books comes to her rescue and invokes the authority and backward wisdom of Herr Colas. Together they put together a plan in which Herr Colas will appear in white gloves and wearing his top hat pretending to take Bastienne on a voyage. The scheme, however, goes slightly wrong when Bastian appears and the magical words do not match the plan – with Bastien almost ending his life.
Mozart wrote his opera at the age of twelve. Retaining the original score Vestfold International Festival in association with Ibsen Stage Company have created a brand new narrative in the spirit of Mozart’s cheeky playfulness.