Mozart's Travelling Bag

By Terje J Tveit

Orig. Mozarts reiseveske

Devised and Directed by Terje J Tveit

Musical Director: Simon Over

Producer: Malcolm Bruno

Produced by Vestfold International Festival

In Association with Ibsen Stage Company

Produced with the generous support of


Larvik, Norway

28 June, 2011

Colourised depiction of Mozart

A site-specific intermezzo

During the winter of 1774 a young piano teacher arrives in Tollerodden. No sooner has he unpacked before the household is in chaos. All the women are infatuated with the young visitor and start fighting for his attention - the wife, the daughters, the parlour maid, the cook, even the bedridden grandmother is taken with the musical talent.

Mozart's Travelling Bag is a fictional account of Mozart's stay at Tollerodden, Larvik. It is a site-specific after-dinner intermezzo during an annual event in the historical Tollerodden and part of the Vestfold International Festival programme.