Holberg Swingling

By Ludvig Holberg

Devised (Text) and Directed by Terje J Tveit

Produced by Larvik Barokk Festival

Co-produced by Ibsen Stage Company

Produced with the generous support of

Norconsult, Nedre Fritzøegate

Larvik, Norway

9 September, 2017

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© Image courtesy of sffoto

Runar Kjeldsberg

Holberg's Epistles and Epigrams

During the period from 1737 to 1749, the Danish-Norwegian author, comedy playwright and historian Ludvig Holberg (1684 – 1754) wrote a total of 937 epigrams divided into seven so-called books or Libra, and from 1748 until his death produced 539 epistles. They covered countless topics - everything from witty comments on marriage, coffee drinking, syphilis, drugs, drunkenness, tobacco, chess and cats to university exams, nations and philosophy.

In collaboration with the Edvard Grieg Choir and classical guitarist Runar Kjeldsberg, Larvik Barokk Festival in a co-production with Ibsen Stage Company presents a collection of Holberg's texts in a festival varité production.

The programme includes Epistola 91: For og imod Te, Kaffe og Tobak (For and against Tea, Coffee and Tobacco), Epistola 99: Om Fruentimmerselskab (About Female Company) and Epigram 171, Liber I: Hvordan Kone man bør vælge (What kind of Wife One ought to Choose).