Notes for a Requiem

Based on the life and work of Carlo Gesualdo

Orig. Notatar for eit rekviem

Music by Carlo Gesualdo and Andrew Smith

Written and Directed by Terje J Tveit

Producer: Malcolm Bruno

Produced by Vestfold International Festival

In Association with Ibsen Stage Company and New York Polyphony

Produced with the generous support of

Borre Kirke

Vestfold, Norway

27 June, 2011


Svein TindbergNarrator / Gesualdo
Marte Blom Onshuus SommerfeldtThe Bride
Ebba RydhGuest singer
Christopher Dylan HerbertNew York Polyphony
Craig PhillipsNew York Polyphony
Geoffrey SilverNew York Polyphony
Geoffrey WilliamsNew York Polyphony

“Myten om Gesualdo slik den blir tolket i Terje Tveit’s tekst og regi, er det ingen tvil om at den griper. Fortellingen gir på denne måten bilder til et eldgammelt tema om skyld og soning. Skyldens pris er at de kunstneriske kilder tørker ut, samtidig som nådens mulighet antydes. Og få kan formidle en slik tematikk på en så aktuell og troverdig måte som nettopp skuespilleren Svein Tindberg. [...] Anbefales til alle som ønsker en sterk opplevelse.”

Life and Work by Gesualdo

Don Carlo Gesualdo (1566 – 1613), Prince of Venosa and Count of Conzas, was one of the most fascinating composers of his time. Gesualdo's music was radical and still sounds intense and almost hauntingly beautiful.

His life was tragic, dramatic and marked by the murders he committed of his much older and adulterous wife and her lover. The murders, which took place over 400 years ago, are described in detail in witness statements and tell of a particularly cruel vindictiveness. Gesualdo was part of the nobility and therefore had immunity and eventually suffered greatly from depression after he remarried.